Welcome to the Gene Mapping Center

The Gene Mapping Center (GMC) is a department of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Germany.

One of our aims is the unraveling of the etiology of complex genetic disease and to this end the localization of genes involved in polygenic disease is a first priority. The GMC is a high throughput genotyping laboratory dedicated to the mapping of monogenic, and, with growing importance, also polygenic factors. We employ linkage analysis using fluorescent detection of microsatellites.

In previous work the GMC has developed an optimized microsatellite panel based on Généthon markers. Full operation began in January 97 and annual output has reached over 1 million genotypes. The laboratory is open to outside projects and the lab is commited to a number of collaborations with work groups in several countries.

When SMPs were introduced in biological research, the GMC also specialized in their discovery and documentation. Over the time, we have acquired significant expertese in this field.

A dedicated bioinformatics group assists in study design and takes care of parametric and non-parametric analysis of genotyping data. In addition, a genetic field working unit offers training courses and advises clients in questions concerning family collection.

Recently, the National Genome Research Network (NGFN) was established as a backing of close cooperation among German research institutes. The GMC and a couple of other institutes form the Genotyping Platform of the NGFN.